spec The idea here is to have mini-specs for FarCry features we would like built but have no bandwidth to build, or that need a bit of fleshing out before we tackle them.
About the feature category [feature] (1)
TinyPNG Compression Plugin [spec] (2)
contentAdmin filters and filterUI? [feature] (1)
Content deployment tool [feature] (4)
FarCry Core & Accessibility [feature] (1)
Multi-lingual support? [feature] (2)
Image EXIF Orientation support [feature] (8)
Setting datasources and configs using ENV variables [feature] (4)
More international Date/Time formats input in webtop [feature] (7)
Reduce session use in Core [spec] (1)
Admin : Reload Configuration : Button [feature] (5)
ObjectBroker; arbitrary cache namespaces [feature] (1)
Content Item Property Dump [feature] (1)
Webskin Tracer; composite views laid bare [feature] (2)
Chelsea Project Design [feature] (3)
Mixins for content type properties and functions [spec] (3)
Upload files direct to S3 [spec] (2)
Farcry ESAPI and XSS [feature] (6)
Friendly URL Redirects with Google Campaign Tracking (or any url vars) [spec] (9)
Dev Tools: Page Profiler [feature] (1)
Update Application accessible from everywhere [feature] (1)
Docker Manager for Standalone FarCry Install [spec] (5)
Hiding Content from Menus (aka Utility Navigation) [feature] (1)
Difference between DRAFT and APPROVED [feature] (1)
Email deliverability test [spec] (1)
Using Markdown to create content [spec] (2)
FarCry 7: The SHINY Sneak Peek [feature] (1)
Setting new user passwords [spec] (4)
Webtop Content Preview [feature] (1)
Customising the Login Screen [feature] (1)