Admin : Reload Configuration : Button

How can I disable this terrible button.
Users are clicking it and poof, configuration is back to original.

Reload just loads the settings from the DB again, it doesn’t delete the configuration (the other button does that, haha).

If you can’t trust users with configuration you can give them less permission by putting them in a group that doesn’t have access to the Admin tab, e.g. make them a Publisher rather than a SysAdmin.

Excellent thanks Justin.

Yes the button not the link in Developers Tools…
Why is that button there?
No way it should be showing.
Where in the code is it? Ill write a global so we can turn it on and off at load.


The button is for system administrators who know what they are doing.

If your users aren’t administrators then I would suggest putting them in the Publishers group so that they can’t access the configuration or other admin features at all :slight_smile: