Support on troubleshooting, configuring, hosting, and installing FarCry. Not for software development related topics, but for admins and end users configuring and using the FarCry Publishing Platform.


Discussion about features or potential features of FarCry: how they work, why they work, etc.


This category is for topics related to hacking on FarCry Core: submitting pull requests, configuring development environments, coding conventions, and building extensions.


Bug reports on FarCry Core framework. Do be sure to search prior to submitting bugs. Include steps to reproduce, and only describe one bug per topic please.


Tutorial topics that describe how to set up, configure, and build FarCry apps using a specific platform or environment.


Discussion about the FarCry community, this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


One post per plugin! Only plugin owners should post here. If you have a plugin that should move here please flag your post. This forms an ad hoc plugin directory.


If you have a website or web app built with FarCry, post it up with a few screenshots in this category. A place to showcase work, and discuss how and why things were built a certain way.


FarCry Core Committers blog uses this forum for comments: blog posts appear here, comments appear there -- you get the drift smile