FarCry Core & Accessibility

Please send or direct me to FarCry’s accessibility information or ideally the V-pat document. If this documentation doesn’t speak to this question, then please also answer how Daemon has addressed American accessibility laws and standards.

FarCry does not have a formal V-PAT or Accessibility statement. Our approach is to adhere to the WCAG 2.0 standard as closely as possible in each iteration for the webtop. Front-end compliance depends entirely on the web site in question.

Whether or not website meets WCAG (or the earlier Section 508 requirements and standards) rarely has much to do with the underlying CMS platform.

Certainly a decent platform can make life easier :slight_smile:

Accessibility requirements are rarely levelled at content contribution, with the exception of specific, front-end, user generated content activities. For example, no drag and drop UI element can pass stringent accessibility requirements.

Regardless of the underlying CMS platform clients need to assess accessibility compliance with respect to the website markup generated for user consumption. The FarCry Platform puts no specific restrictions on the view layer generated for the website; for example, a website could be all JSON data packets or a complex mix of HTML/CSS/JS.

The highest level of WCAG compliance is certainly achievable.

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