Difference between DRAFT and APPROVED

Whenever you go to edit a “versioned” content type like a standard web page or a news content item, FarCry creates an underlying draft item so your changes are not seen by the public until you “send them live”.

FarCry (since 6.2) has a diffing engine that lets contributors quickly visualise the difference between versions (under the History tab) in the standard webtop overview of a versioned content type.

Drafts that ain’t “draft”

Sometimes you just want to check the properties of a content item, or you start editing and realise you didn’t want to change the content after all. You end up with a bunch of draft items. And given a few weeks (sometimes hours) you can’t remember whether or not there’s a significant change there at all.

Ugh. Hate that.

But a nice little UX touch we’ve added is to highlight when the underlying DRAFT item is identical to the APPROVED item so you can choose to discard it immediately.

Yep. Love that :slight_smile: