Upload files direct to S3

Really, really would like to have file formtool upload direct to S3 for sites using the S3 CDN.

A pre-signed URL gives you access to the object identified in the URL, provided that the creator of the pre-signed URL has permissions to access that object. That is, if you receive a pre-signed URL to upload an object, you can upload the object only if the creator of the pre-signed URL has the necessary permissions to upload that object.


We’ve made significant progress in this area in the last couple of months. While we don’t have core support available for uploading direct to S3, we do have an ultra-cool JS library and API that can be integrated into a FarCry project for both single and multi-file uploads that create FarCry content items bound to the media asset.

The uploader is tested for files as large as 5GB and as many as 50 files simultaneously. The solution works natively in any modern browser, shows progression and can even auto resume on connection loss.

We’re hoping to make it more readily available, but at the moment we don’t have the resources to port the solution into core. If anyone wants to help fund the port to the core code base for their project please give me a shout.