Setting new user passwords

The SiteAdmin currently sets the user’s password when they create a new user. Users must then change their passwords after first logging in with the password that was set by the SiteAdmin. This doesn’t come across as a great user experience. How would you go about refining this process?

I definitely think the in-built FarCry user management could do with some polish – we use external directories so often these days that it probably doesn’t cause enough friction internally for us to be focused on it.

As a minimum a manager should be able to:

  • create a new user with an “on boarding” email
  • force a user to reset their password on next login
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It’s standard practice to force a password change on first login if the user didn’t set the password themselves (e.g. this is usually what happens on Windows domain accounts). That’s a feature that should definitely stay, but it would be worth reviewing the UI to make sure it’s entirely clear to the user.

If you wanted to change the sign-up process, you’d have the Site/Sys Admin invite the user via a link in an email and have the user complete a self registration process. Both approaches are valid but the current approach is simplest.

How do you force a password reset on login for FarCry in 7.0 – it’s definitely not clear at the moment :wink:

Is this function in there some where? Just asked by a client.
I imagine it would be attached to editOwnPassword.cfm if it was.
Perhaps in the faruser table there should be a bChangePassword (on next login) that kicks off the process.
This could be controlled by a checkbox in the create user form… off by default.

It would be also great if we had a notify new user by email option as well :slight_smile: