Troubleshooting mySQL database installs

mySQL Datasource

Allow multiple statements

With a MySQL datasource you will need to tick a setting like Allow multiple statements for the installer import scripts to run correctly. Post installation, this option could be set to false, as FarCry does not use multiple statements in its normal running state.

On Railo 4.x

On Railo there is an option “Allow multiple Queries” in the datasource configuration screen that you must set to “true”:

Adobe ColdFusion

On ColdFusion you need to add an option to the connection string, allowMultiQueries=true.

Ben Nadel has blogged it here:

Use the latest mySQL driver

Make sure you are running the latest mySQL driver. Depending on your version of Railo and mySQL server you may find some odd behaviour on earlier versions of the driver.

You want at least mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.jar. Just drop this into the Railo lib directory at ./WEB-INF/lib.

Downloads available here:

You only need to place the new driver in ./lib, Java will work out which is the latest version if you don’t change the filename. You can also keep updating the driver in this way.

mySQL server installation

Case sensitivity

While we endeavour to address case sensitivity issues as and when they arise in the code base, its not a bad idea to avoid them entirely by setting your mySQL installation to ignore casing in table names.

To make the table names case insensitive for MySQL on Linux. Find the MySQL my.cnf (in /etc?) and set:


You can confirm the current settings for your mySQL installation using:

mysqladmin -uroot -p variables

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Just a fyi - the screenshot shows how it looks before you set the value to 1 (pretty obvious, but in case anyone is as slow as I am, I’m taking the liberty to point it out).