FarCry 7: Installation Guide


System requirements

The installation guide assumes you have an operational ColdFusion or CFML engine set up and raring to go.

We support the following CFML engines, and any OS that they run on (Linux/Windows/OSX):

  • Adobe ColdFusion 9+
  • Railo 4+ (including Railo Express)

Database support is currently available for:

  • MSSQL 2005+
  • mySQL 5+
  • H2 embedded (with mySQL emulation); this is the flat file database that ships with Railo


You will need to set up a blank database and a datasource for your installation before before you begin.

Make sure you have set Allow multiple statements to true.


Download the community installer from here:

Unzip the installer into a folder called ./farcry under the webroot of your CFML installation. Then link to http://yourdomain.com/farcry/core/webtop/install

STEP 1 Select a Skeleton

Installer scans the ./farcry/skeletons and ./farcry/projects for projects to install. The ./farcry/plugins folder needs to have a copy of the plugins any particular skeleton might require. A skeleton is just a project that has been exported, and includes sample data.

STEP 2: Set up the project farcryContructor.cfm

A quick flight check to make sure everything is good to go. Defaults to the settings in the skeleton but the installer can nominate their own settings. Note the installer needs a blank database and datasource set up to proceed.

STEP 3: Run the installer

Final check before the installer runs. This step should show all changes the installer can expect on their system.

STEP 4: Install and confirm

Progress is reported via AJAX updates. If successful you can go straight to the webtop or web site. The sysadmin username/password will be shown.

FarCry 7 (codename: Shiny) released




Is it possible to do a “DB Only Install” with this new installer?


I see now… It does a DB install if you install from a project not a skeleton and there is only one project in the /farcry/projects dir. Will the single project restriction be removed in the future?


I will probably remove the single project restriction for DB installs, I
just didn’t quite have time to write a project selector (on top of the
skeleton selector). Hope that doesn’t cause too much trouble in the short


Nah, Just had to temporarily move one of the project folders out, do the install, then put it back.

In case you’re curious, I also had to rebuild refObjects after the DB only install. It was giving me 404s for every page before I did so. Not sure if that can be done as part of the install or if its working as you intended.


The final step should trigger an ?updateall= which does a rebuild
of refObjects (this happens in a hidden iframe)… But if your app isn’t in
a state where it can actually start up - e.g. the DB install went fine, but
when it goes to initialise and there is a required plugin missing - then it
would fail and you’d have to hit that URL manually (or log in to the webtop
and use the tool). Perhaps I can try to detect a failure, or at least put a
hint/link on the final step. For now we can document it as a
troubleshooting step I guess.


Ahh… ok, yes I did have a problem on the first init so that was probably it. Thanks Justin.


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CF engine debug output affects webtop functionality