FarCry 7 (codename: Shiny) released

11 years in the making, the long anticipated Shiny release is available. FarCry 7.0 is an incredible achievement; an enterprise level web publishing platform with incredible flexibility. 'Tailor made content management' has truly been the core focus of this Shiny new release.

List of awesome new features

  • Bulk uploads
  • Archiving refactor (including undelete)
  • Task queue
  • New webtop design, faster navigation
  • Environment labels in header
  • Separated form themes
  • New tree interface
  • Quick Preview from the tree / objectadmi; including device switching
  • User avatars, favourites
  • New dashboard
  • New exporter / installer
  • Help overlays in webtop

And so much more!

Community installer available here:



  • Core Framework v7.0.1
  • FarCry CMS plugin v7.0.0
  • Chelsea Boots (sample project, Bootstrap theme)
  • Fandango (sample project, HTML5 theme)
  • Barebones (sample project, minimal views)

A complete Installation Guide is available at the developer forums. The FarCry Dev Forums are also a great place to start if you are looking for support!

FarCry 7.0 Repo Changes

7.0.0 tagged and bagged:


New maintenance branch for 7.0.x:


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Yay. 7.0.1 tagged and released yesterday. Have updated links to installer above :smile: