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Can a FarCrcy CMS Website have a search feature built into it. I am being told by a developer that our site being managed by Farcry can not have a search function added to the site? Are they just being lazy?

Yes … and no.

There is a great plugin FarCrySolrPro (https://jeffcoughlin.github.io/farcrysolrpro/) that makes setting up searches so much easier.

That said, it’s not plug and play (in my limited experience). It requires some setup to get the plugin working and some playing around to understand how it all works with FarCry. I only have experience integrating it into Lucee though, ColdFusion may be easier.

The farcrycore team on discourse has always been very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. This forum in general is very good. I would take a look at this topic: FarCry Solr Pro Plugin and if you run into problems, search for them here.


Yes, a FarCry site can have a search.

There’s a sample search implementation in the Fandango perfect skeleton which does basic SQL “like” matching for HTML pages, just on component and a few webskins (dmSimpleSearch).

If you want something more advanced then the FarCry SOLR Pro plugin might be suitable, it requires running SOLR on your server(s) (there are installation instructions).

There are also other options… We have an Amazon CloudSearch plugin and an Azure Search;

And if your site is publicly visible to the internet, you can let Google crawl your site and implement Google Custom Search.

So really the answer is, yes you can use an existing plugin or you can build something to suit your needs. If you need more assistance please let us know :slight_smile:

Other Example Search Plugins

Simple Search Example

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