FarCry 740 Release

Continuing the discussion from Revisiting Farcry:

Also worth noting, I should have officially released p740 long ago. It’s currently used in production and the main changes in it are related to supporting newer versions of Java and providing better handling of JARs for Core, and for Plugins and Projects

I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to help get 740 to an official release? Are there bugs to look at? Testing to do? Documentation to write?



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I’d say that p740 is pretty much ready to be released – its really waiting on someone to just roll it up into an official “build”. Pretty much everything we have runs on this in production and has done for over a year.

Truth be told we have several projects running in production on the skunkworks branch that is earmarked to become FarCry 8.0

I’ll see if I can’t nudge the team to put out a formal release this month.

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