Revisiting Farcry

Hi folks - I’ve decided to revisit Farcry after a “who knows how long” hiatus. I certainly like what I read and see.

After dealing with a few folder permission issues I got it (ver 7.2.12) installed to

However, it balks when run. If you go there you’ll see what I mean - its executing the cfdump in OnError in application cfc. On top of that going to webtop 404’s - at this stage I am assuming the issues are related.

I thought the issue might be this one

but this appears to be slated for a future version (please correct me if I’m wrong). If anyone recognises whats happening here and can give me a little more insite I’d be most greatful.

Thank you!!!

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The error you’re seeing with “CORBA” is because it was disabled in newer versions of Java, and the JavaLoader library used to have it as a requirement.

I think there are two options;

  1. If you can control the JVM then you might be able to add some flags to enable CORBA again (this might not be feasible on a shared host)
  2. Try switching to the p740 branch of FarCry Core, in that branch we have removed JavaLoader so that newer versions of Java can be supported out of the box.

You can either check out the p740 branch with Git or you can download it as a zip using the Code -> Download zip option from (you’d need to delete the old Core directory and then drop the new one in, that’s safer than just overwriting files as some might have been removed).

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It looks like the Java / CORBA issue. I would just grab a newer version (e.g. p740) from the repo

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Also worth noting, I should have officially released p740 long ago. It’s currently used in production and the main changes in it are related to supporting newer versions of Java and providing better handling of JARs for Core, and for Plugins and Projects, so it’s directly relevant to your use case. It’s fair to say this year has been a bit of a blur :slight_smile:

Why, what has happened this year Justin? :smile:

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Your guess is as good as mine? :grin:

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We use p740 for production for some sites. For the most part it runs great.

Just note that p740 no longer allows you to call a custom css file in the richtext config with dynamic attributes (richtext.cfc overrides the setting). You can get around it by calling the css file in every richtext formtool property call and use dynamic attributes there instead (simple javascript). I rewrote richtext.cfc at one point to fix the bug and meant to submit it, but then I figured that daemon intended the change for a reason so I didn’t submit it (I no longer have that change and just rolled back to p740). Either way, the workaround functions fine so I’m good with that. Just something to be aware of.