FarCry 7.1.1 released

On the whole a nice bit of house keeping. Definitely worth the upgrade. On the other hand, if you are getting into the whole devops caper for your deployments, the introduction of ENV configuration is a must!

Note, this is now the HEAD of the master branch. We track the latest official release on this branch at all times.

Release Notes


[FC-2976] - Errors with lib packages during startup results in an empty response
[FC-2977] - application.fc.lib.email.send adds spaces to plaintext emails
[FC-2978] - Installer throws an exception when a datasource name exists that doesn’t match the skeleton
[FC-2980] - The aLinks display style for skin:genericNav should have a customisable separator
[FC-2984] - Query string variable delimiter gets encoded if redirected to a Friendly URL
[FC-2986] - key [fuLookup] doesn’t exist in objectBroker.cfc:740
[FC-2987] - fapi.setConfig needs to be usable during initialization
[FC-2989] - Site tree should return errors that can be displayed rather than throw an exception
[FC-2990] - getFU() needs to check type exists in stCOAPI before using it
[FC-2991] - farFU migrate() missing required argument to deployType()
[FC-2992] - tree getLeaves() returns no records with a list of node IDs on Railo
[FC-2993] - Config WDDX to JSON upgrade fails if a config component is missing
[FC-2994] - Avoid encoded “+” in local file CDN getURLPath()
[FC-2995] - Tray shows a 404 on friendly URLs that involve redirects
[FC-2997] - Forgot password issues
[FC-2999] - Default objectbroker doesn’t evict data properly
[FC-3000] - CDN migration tool doesn’t log errors
[FC-3001] - Show unknown database tables on the COAPI overview
[FC-3002] - Relative dates within the next hour are shown in the format ‘in n minutes ago’
[FC-3004] - TinyMCE Insert/edit link request is aborted after 2 seconds
[FC-3009] - Objectbroker changes for shared cluster caches does not work for configs
[FC-3010] - objectadmin $fc.objectAdminAction() shows the wrong dialog contents


[FC-2975] - Add alias argument for getCategoryIDbyName
[FC-2996] - Use a 301 for external redirects
[FC-2998] - Allow a content type to completely override the library query functionality
[FC-3005] - Allow DSN and configs to be set by environment variables
[FC-3006] - Update the request approval emails to include an HTML version
[FC-3007] - Clean up application initialisation error pages
[FC-3008] - Add bSecure attribute to fapi.getLink() to return a secure URL
[FC-3009] - Also includes arbitrary cache namespaces

If you’re not brave enough to move to 7.1 (why not!) then you might think of upgrading to 7.0.10 instead.

Quite like this one for identifying crufty tables that need to burn in a fire – of course some of these could be legitimate tables for your app, they’re just not used by the FarCry Core framework :wink:

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I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Setting datasources and configs using ENV variables

This subtle @blair change has moved us to an “object brokerise all things” state – which is a wondrous thing :goat: