FarCry 7.0.10 released

Maintenance is beginning to taper off on the v7.0.x branch. Note, the upgrade to v7.1.x is trivial and definitely worth the effort.

Release Notes


[FC-2846] - Date formtool; ftToggleOffDateTime not working
[FC-2976] - Errors with lib packages during startup results in an empty response
[FC-2984] - Query string variable delimiter gets encoded if redirected to a Friendly URL
[FC-2991] - farFU migrate() missing required argument to deployType()
[FC-2992] - tree getLeaves() returns no records with a list of node IDs on Railo
[FC-3003] - Js error when using ftAutosave attribute
[FC-3004] - TinyMCE Insert/edit link request is aborted after 2 seconds
[FC-3005] - Allow DSN and configs to be set by environment variables


[FC-2975] - Add alias argument for getCategoryIDbyName