Yaffa Publishing: AdNews Redesign

Yaffa Publishing asked Daemon to redesign their flagship magazine’s website. AdNews Magazine readers are the movers and shakers of the advertising industry (they count Rupert Murdoch among their readership).


Daemon saw a unique opportunity to build a definitive directory of the ad industry, using FarCry’s rich content relationships to connect brands, agencies, people, news and ad campaigns.

We started with a responsive design for desktop and tablet, with custom templates for mobile. The Homepage is fully configurable. While it is automatically populated from the newest flagged items, the defaults can be overridden in two clicks by enthusiastic editors if they want to wrestle control from the system and impose their own custom curation.

AdNews Homepage

To build the directory, we created a content type for each entity and allowed them to be linked to one another through content relationships. Once captured, these relationships allow profiles to be automatically populated with supporting content, giving users multiple ways of navigating the advertising landscape by following related links to different areas on the website.

Droga5’s profile page Brands, People, Campaigns and News panels (news not shown here) are automatically populated.

As journalists create or edit news articles they can add relationships to brands, agencies or people mentioned in the article. At this point they are able to assign sentiment points to these entities based on whether the news affects them positively or negatively (entities automatically get +1 point just for being mentioned!). An algorithm works out a ranking and automatically populates a Sentiment Index.

Sentiment Index showing which organisations are heating up or cooling down

Site visitors also have the opportunity to influence content by voting campaigns up or down by clicking on the loved or bombed icons. These statistics are used to reveal trending campaigns.

Trending Campigns

Editors can generate featured collections of campaigns on the fly to capture trends in time or group campaigns with common themes.

A newsletter configuration tool is available to editors from the webtop admin interface, allowing them to draw content from the CMS database and send to subscribers via Campaign Monitor.

Plugins used: FarCry CMS, Google oAuth, Google Site Search, Google Analytics.


Great site. Really snappy too! Looks like you’ve put the memcached plugin to good use.