Weird error with edit custom type in webtop

I am after some assistance trying to track down an issue that has just occurred in my Dev and Test environments, but is working find in Production (thank goodness)

When adding/editing a record, on a wizard step that has a required field that is left blank, and try to move to the next step, and even after that entering something, cannot get to the next step because of the validation.

There is a JavaScript Error

I have not been able to work out what is creating this URL:

Request URL: /webtop/conjuror/[object%20Object]
Referer: /webtop/conjuror/invocation.cfm?typename=pslPublication&method=edit&ref=iframe&module=customlists/pslPublication.cfm&objectid=E4B31470-7DF0-11E1-AD91005056830008

Any ideas where I should be looking?

I can’t replicate this with a standard string field with required validation like title on a web page in the site tree (on HEAD of p700).

What formtool are you using to generate the field that has required validation? Might as well post up the content type properties.

Farcry core 6.1.5

formtool attribute

    ftFieldset="Mail Out" 
    ftlabel="Email sidebar"      

Just noticed it is not a required field, but …

I am sure the issue is something to do with the URL with /webtop/conjuror/[object%20Object]
which I am guessing is a JavaScript Object when Farcry is expecting a string

Found the issue,
I had upgraded jQuery from 1.6.2 to 1.7.2