Webtop form field permissions

I’m going to assume this is a “no”, but, is it possible to limit permissions on a form field within an object type? As in, let group A edit everything about fancy widget object. But group B will only be allowed to change the name or whatever whatever within the fancy widget. Is that possible without changing… well, I don’t even know what. I guess making a custom edit handler?

you could create your own formtool field type. not really a realistic option if you need this ability for multiple field types (radio, checkboxes, input, etc) but, say, if you only needed to do it for just text boxes you could use a custom formtool field type with the permission check built in.

either way I think you’ll need to write something custom

Yeah, rather figured as much. This would, of course, be something that was asked for at the end of the project. Custom admin edit is going to be the only solution then.