We have no Discourse LDAP Plugin

@modius Is it possible to get another installation guide?
I have installed the discourse docker version and I don’t know how I can install your plugin.
Thank’s and best regards,
CGM Face

This is a reference to the LDAP plugin for the FarCry Core development framework.

Are you looking for an LDAP plugin for your Discourse Forum instead?

@modius Thanks for your fast answere.
Yes I know this plugin, but the usibility is not so fine if a user have to login in a new Window.
Is there are another way that we have i.e. a login poup or something else?

Sorry, I think I didn’t communicate that properly.

This plugin has nothing to do with Discourse at all. It is for a completely different framework. Our developer forum just happens to use Discourse as a discussion forum, nothing more.

Oh, OK.
Thanks for these information.