Upgrading from blogcfc to FC

I’ve spent a bit of head space over the last couple of weeks thinking about porting an old but still used blog for a client running blogcfc to farcry (and to also use disqus).

I’ve also ready sorted the rewrite script for the blogcfc to remove the index.cfc and now, thinking about how to create the urls to match the blogcfc ones I did a quick search for examples using displaySystemFU.cfm. I came across this:

It’s a simple blog plugin with import script from blogcfc and moving comments to disqus! You beauty @justincarter. Thankfully I hadn’t started writing my import script!

With Thanks


Hopefully it works as well for your installation as it did for mine :slight_smile: My BlogCFC version was quite old but it did the trick. Let me know if you need any URL rewrites for blog RSS feeds, I have some in my nginx config too.

Also, feel free to fork that plugin / copy it, do whatever you need to. Maybe one day we can do an official blog plugin / sample app, but for now this suits the needs of my under-used blog, haha.

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Thanks Justin,
Import threw some mystery 500 error at the end but it all seemed to work ok. I’ll fork the project and add bits as I find them.
Those rewrites might be handy. I use apache and so far just have the blog page rewrite done:

RewriteRule ^/blog/index\.cfm/(\d{4}\/\d{1,2}\/\d{1,2}\/.*)$ blog/$1 [R]


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I was treating anything that contained blog/index.cfm or blog/page.cfm or blog/rss.cfm as something that could be rewritten to the newly migrated friendly URLs / type webskins, so I just have 1 rewrite (for the RSS) and 1 permanent redirect (for everything else).

From my nginx config:

# permanent redirect and rewrite for old blogcfc urls
location ~ /blog/(index|page|rss).cfm {
        rewrite ^/blog/rss.cfm(.*)$  /blogPost/rss$1;
        rewrite ^/blog/(index|page).cfm(.*)$  /blog$2 permanent;

Hope that helps :smile:

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@justincarter does our internal Disqus plugin offer much additional value over the migration and implementation scripts in your plugin? ie. should we consider releasing the code as an open source plugin.

The internal plugin has some client specific stuff I believe (for migrating old farComments entries). When migrating old comments into Disqus you probably need to write something custom almost every time anyway.