Upgrade 4 to 5.2.7

I have upgraded 5 sites but show an issue on this site.
Other sites went as expected. This one is showing a file not found error.
But isnt this file in the upgrade package?

Error: [parseWebskinMetadata] Webskin file does not exist, {TYPENAME={{TYPENAME, CONFMGR2}},LDEFAULTS={{LDEFAULTS, , , ,0,1440,false,false,false, , ,fragment,object,1}},LTYPES={{LTYPES, string,string,string,numeric,numeric,boolean,boolean,boolean,string,string,string,string}},LPROPERTIES={{LPROPERTIES, displayname,author,description,cacheStatus,cacheTimeout,cacheByURL,cacheByForm,cacheByRoles,cacheByVars,fuAlias,viewstack,viewbinding,allowredirect}},TEMPLATE={{TEMPLATE, DraftQuery}},PATH={{PATH, /farcry/projects/WWW/webskin/CONFMGR2/DraftQuery.cfm}}}  
The error occurred in E:/farcry/core/packages/coapi/coapiadmin.cfc: line 521
Called from E:/farcry/core/packages/coapi/coapiadmin.cfc: line 342
Called from E:/farcry/core/packages/fourq/fourq.cfc: line 1414
Called from E:/farcry/core/packages/farcry/alterType.cfc: line 306
Called from E:/farcry/core/packages/farcry/alterType.cfc: line 408
Called from E:/farcry/projects/WWW/www/updater5.0.0/index.cfm: line 124
Called from E:/farcry/projects/WWW/www/updater5.0.0/index.cfm: line 20
Called from E:/farcry/projects/WWW/www/updater5.0.0/index.cfm: line 1
519 : <cffile action="READ" file="#Expandpath(arguments.path)#" variable="templateCode">
520 : <cfelse>
521 : <cfthrow type="Application" detail="Error: [parseWebskinMetadata] Webskin file does not exist, #arguments.toString()#" />
522 : </cfif>
523 :

It looks like it’s trying to find the file:

Can you check to see if that file exists on disk?

If not, then I guess there is something in the DB referring to it so you might either have to remove the record or create a dummy file and see if you can progress further.

Thanks Justin, weird thing is it went thru 5 other sites perfectly then number 6 and 7 had issues.
Will follow this lead.

On a new site (5 upgraded fine, this one now shows this error
on the initial Upgrade page. None of the others showed this.
But it goes thrut he upgrade, but doesn’t actually create /webtop…
Thoughts? Thanks
arguments - struct
Detail [empty string]
ErrNumber 0
Message Element MODE.AJAX is undefined in REQUEST.
Resolvedname REQUEST

Just saw this…
An exception occurred while invoking an event handler method from Application.cfc. The method name is: onRequestEnd.
Perhaps the path to that file is incorrect.