Undo deleted custom content items

I have a distraught and distressed user that has deleted two content items.

As far as I know, they are gone for good, but thought I would ask the question in case there is something like trash on the site tree.

Farcry 6.2.8

Your only option is to go to the database backup.

Undelete or content item level archiving was only introduced in 7.x and requires the barchive="true" flag set for the specific content type.

another good reason to upgrade to farcry 7 :slight_smile:

Delete an object.

Notification has undo link.

Click undo to show recently deleted content.

Restore content item; once restored its removed from the deleted archive.

Content Archive; there is a central archive of deleted content where you can locate deleted content.

This is very cool - you must have had to deal with the same sort of users as what I have :-S

I have not been able to find out how to permanently delete - clean out the archive

Oh, if you do to content overview there is a delete button.
I was looking for a delete button in the tool bar, so you could check a few and the destroy forever

Yeah, a delete button in the tool bar would be more practical.