Under the Hood Forum Update

Hey Legends,

We’ve been busy as a bee in a tin can, giving the forum an upgrade.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Tinkering with the Engine: We’ve gone and given our server and operating system a bit of a spruce up. It’s like we’ve gone from an old ute to a shiny new V8 - faster, smoother, and tougher against those pesky internet gremlins.
  • Discourse: New and Improved: While we were at it, we didn’t just stop with the nuts and bolts. We’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest version of Discourse. It’s the whole hog – better bells and whistles, spick and span security, and all the mod cons for yakking it up online.

So, while everything might look the same when you pop the bonnet, under the hood, it’s as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

We reckon you’ll love the changes, but if something’s as wonky as a dingo’s breakfast, give us a holler. We’re all ears!

Cheers for sticking with us, you’re all true-blue legends!