TinyMCE 4.9.4 on FC7.2 issue

Hi All,
I’m blocked from moving to FC7.4 because of the version of mysql I use (5.5), so I’ve shoe horned the 7.4 tinymce into my FC7.2.12 core. This works great and resolved many issues caused by Chrome but one little bug is that the library pickers stop working once they’ve been used once.
eg select a new image to attache to the page and you can no longer remove or edit any of the attached image. see below video (there is a work around). Does this happen on FC7.4? Or is there a piece of code I’ve missed with my inclusion of this?

Sorry, I was expecting a completely different bug. I should have watched the video first. I just tried in FC 7.4 and I did not see this happen at all.

Thanks Sean,
I’ll keep digging and see why nothings firing on the $j entry.

Resolved my issue :sweat_smile:.
I have made a plugin for bootstrap4 forms. Even though the webtop was set to use the built-in bootstrap2 form templates it was still using the bootstrap4 button template. The button.cfm which I’d failed to include the class fc-btn on the button was the issue.
This happens in Rules and and on Content in the Webtop. I’ll do some digging to see why it’s not getting the correct formtheme. Perhaps it’s the displayAjaxRefreshJoinProperty.cfm always being seen as a front end template.

Lucky for me I found this only after installing mysql5.7 so I could upgrade to 7.4, to confirm I still had and issue and removing my plugins and adding them back in one by one until it broke again.