Time for a new master branch?

I see there are a lot of great fixes in the 7.2 branch over the last year or so. How about a new 7.2.13 in the master branch. Otherwise it’s a bit of a pain to keep track of changes made in the 7.2 branch.

New tagged versions are definitely overdue, yes! Sorry I haven’t had time to get around to it. Currently the head of p720 and p740 should both be very stable so feel free to use those if you haven’t updated in a while (we’re using them across most projects and there’s been no issues).

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Ok I’ll give p740 another go when the dust settles a bit (the whole country in lockdown here… like you guys?) and get back to you on those mysql issues I had last time. Definitely don’t want that javaloader anywhere in there.:slight_smile: