Support for Postgres

I was wondering on how to install farcry on Postgres DB? On your webpage ( you state support for Postgres, however when I try to install, only mySQL, MS SQL and H2 are selectable in the list. No matter what I try, it won’t work.
I tried to change the webtop install script and add an option for PostgreSQL, but it fails at first install step (obviously tables are not created).

I’ve downloaded 7.2.9 zip file from


When the database gateway components were refactored support for each database had to be reimplemented. Postgres and Oracle are still in need of attention; ie. they are not supported in 7.x

Implementing Postgres support is very likely straightforward, however, Daemon no longer has any Postgres clients and so it has not been a priority for us. If anyone would like to have a crack at Postgres support (or even fund Postgres support) we’d be very happy to assist.

Hi Geoff,

ok, all clear. Will go with mySQL for now.
Thanks for your quick reply.