Subscription options

is email the only subscription option? no rss, etc? I don’t see anything else but I hope I’m just missing it. I’m never going to remember to come check this. I’m in google groups all the time for various groups. I don’t want email subscription.

There’s an RSS feed here, hopefully that will keep you in the loop! The last thing we want is less participation :slight_smile:

You could turn on weekly digest emails just in case, at least with 1 email per week it’s not going to be too spammy.

You can reference an RSS or JSON feed for just about anything in the forum by appending .rss or .json to the end of the URL.

For example, the latest posts:

Or you might like just additional posts to this very thread:

Or say, a JSON feed for the plugins category:

Hopefully that helps :smile:

Perfect! I figured I had to be missing something. Thanks!