Some notes on CF 2018 Support

We’re working on a new project that will launch on CF 2018. I’ve run into some hurdles trying to get FarCry running and thought I would note them here in case others run into them.

  1. CF 2018 has dropped support for the requesttimeout attribute of cfschedule. dmCron uses this. I’ve submitted a pull request to fix it.

  2. The UUID generation library that FarCry uses relies on the Java CORBA module that, since Java 9, is no longer enabled by default. To fix this, edit your jvm.config file and find the argument --add-modules and change it from: to,java.corba

This allows FarCry to start. I will try to update this post if I run into any other issues running FarCry on CF 2018


Just thought I’d follow this up to say that the original PR above was merged in August last year, and the p740 branch currently has the old UUID and anything related to JavaLoader removed to move forward with Java 11 compatibility, plus we have a new mechanism for automatically adding the /jars folder inside a plugin or project to the javaSettings.loadpaths array.

If there are any other CF2018 issues outstanding that anyone has then please let us know. We can back port any fixes that make sense to p720 but otherwise the main branch of new development is currently p740.

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Justin, did any of these CF2018 support changes get merged into other branches? (p720, p730)

I ask because in attempting to use branch p740, I’m running into issues of support with CF2018 because of syntax being used that isn’t supported. (I’ll submit additional bugs for these) As an example MySQLGateway.cfc has syntax like this which I’m guessing is only supported by Lucee


Removing the # seems to fix the issue

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Yep, same issue here re p740. Did you end up finding out if the CF2018 support changes were merged into other branches?

Was the MySQL gateway the only issue? I haven’t checked to see if it was patched, but if it isn’t then I can do it or accept a PR, I just need to know if there are any other issues that need to be followed up as well.

Yep, appears so. As soon as I took the #s from it FC740 started working. Though interested to know why MySQL gateway is being loaded when I’m using MSSQL.

The syntax error would be a compile time error; each DB gateway would get compiled when the framework starts up (all gateways found in the appropriate folder paths) so that it knows which ones are available, and then your chosen gateway is used based on the configuration in the farcryConstructor at run time.

I’ll see if I can push a fix.

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Thank you for the explanation Justin. Cheers Mark

@justincarter any chance this PR can be accepted p740 still has the syntax issue on ACF 2018

Sorry Sean, somehow I missed this PR completely :man_facepalming: It’s merged now.

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