FarCry fails to start with JDK 11


Has anyone managed to get FarCry working when using JDK 11? With earlier JDK versions e.g. v10 that shipped with CF2018 we needed to put --add-modules=java.corba in the jvm.config (as noted by Sean Some notes on CF 2018 Support).

With JDK 11 the Corba modules have now been completely removed. Without the modules FarCry fails to start due to getting errors in packages/farcry/javaloader/javaloader.cfc (starting with line 86).


We haven’t deployed anything on Java 11 just yet as we were awaiting Lucee 5.3 for Java 11 support, nor have we tested CF2018 with Java 11. Looks like we will need to put aside some time to have a look at it, it seems that JavaLoader is currently used for combine / minify JS, UUID generation and password hashing. I think they should be relatively easy to fix (combine already supports disabling JavaLoader).

Do you have a deadline for deploying Java 11?

Thanks for the quick reply Justin. Yeah tomorrow actually :slight_smile: but all good as I’ve just backed out the JDK 11 installation and reverted to our previous version. I was doing the upgrade due to a request from our security team. I’ll flag the JDK 11 deployment as technical debt and revisit it later once you guys have updated FarCry for Lucee 5.3/JDK11.

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I forgot to get back to you @mpicker! I’ve done a fair bit of work in the p740 branch to remove JavaLoader and tidy up some other things, so for the most part Core should be working fine on Java 11. This is currently considered BETA as we might need to make further changes in p740 that could involve the schema, so we’ll need to do that before we officially release 7.4.0.