Slatwall eCommerce Plugin


I have been a long time Slatwall developer. I have used it a couple of times with FarCry, but most installations have been with another CMS due to existing clients setup.

I will be revisiting my FarCry plugin for Slatwall integration with my aim to actually complete and release it this time, client work permitting.

Would like to open up discussions with other FarCry developers to find out what they would like to see or if you have questions about Slatwall.

Look forward to hearing from you…


Hi Chris,

How much success have you had in integrating FarCry with Slatwall? I’m new to both (as well as the other CMS) and from initial impressions would prefer the FarCry/Slatwall combination if that is viable.



Hi Ben,

Wow, I was just thinking about getting back to developing a new FarCry plugin for Slatwall earlier this evening. Have not had time to look at this over the last several months - been to busy with client work, mainly involving the other CMS.

I had FarCry & Slatwall working together on a few projects some time ago, but was never fully happy with my overall approach. Each iteration was evolving with with my increased knowledge of Slatwall.

Still have plans to rebuild from the ground up but impending workload may severely restrict my immediate time available - if/when client wakes up :wink:


Hi Ben,

No promises on time-frames, but I have re-started my development for a plugin to fully integrate Slatwall and FarCry. Work will depend on client workload but I do have a long term requirement for this plugin myself now.


Quick update for anyone interested.

Slow progress due to client work, but I now have the basic connection of latest versions FarCry & Slatwall.

This is a complete refresh of the integration for FarCry & Slatwall based on a number of installations in the past.

Next steps will include:

  • link security including admin accounts
  • refresh the Slatwall front-end to bring it up latest version of Bootstrap
  • and then review what level of automation of install to set up

Watch this space.

Happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested in a FarCry / Slatwall integration.


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