Setup problems with Google Analytics plugin on FarCry 7.2.9

Hello, I was able to get the Google Analytics plugin set up and authorized against my GA account using Client ID and Client Secret.

However, when I saved it after authorizing, the admin config box reloaded, and for “Account” it says “Complex types cannot be converted to simple values” with no option to edit it. For “Profile” it says “Error accessing Google API: 404 Not Found,” again with no option to edit. For Web Property, I entered the UA- number associated with the property in my Google Analytics account, and did not get an error on that.

I do not get any errors when trying to view Google Analytics data elsewhere in the web top, but I do not get any data back either. For each content or page, clicking the GA tab either shows a blank or a message, “The Google Analytics plugin tracks content in the tree against the navigation node it is attached to, so this area may not show any traffic.”

I’ve tried setting up a new configuration where I enter my account info from the outset, but then I get a “403 forbidden” message from Google when the config window reloads.

I am sure I am overlooking something obvious, but I cannot think what it might be. I sure would appreciate any assistance! Thanks very much!

It looks like a new error, we would need a stack trace to look into this.
The GA tabs may be broken - it has been a long time since I’ve seen them


Thanks Blair! It’s not an error though, as far as I know, so I am not sure if I’d be able to produce a stack trace or other exception messages. But I will look into it. Everything seems to be working okay, it’s just that no GA data gets shown in the tab.

I am sure it’s just that I have not configured the plugin correctly, so if you have any tips on that, I would really appreciate them! In the meantime, if the tabs are not the standard way of seeing the GA data, do you have any recommendations on how to see/display the data from Google?

Thanks again!

I think most people end up preferring Google’s own console. The GA tab only
ever showed a very simplistic slice of data.

Thanks – I do use Google’s own console, but having basic GA data available for contributors would have been a nice extra. I will keep working on it.

Is this on Lucee? I have submitted a fix for that - ensure you have that
latest version

Hello, no it is on ACF 2016. I do have the latest version of the plugin.Thanks for taking a look!