We are in the process of decommissioning some Windows 2003 servers (CF8), on which my dev and production Farcry sites are running…

I have new Windows 2K8 servers set up with CF10 and i am in the process of migrating my dev Farcry site.

I have run in to a few issues I have been able to resolve (friendly urls, etc.) but I am having a problem I cant seem ti figure out.

in my projects _serverSpecifcRequestScope.cfm template I have the following

<cfswitch expression="#application.sysInfo.machineName#">

<!--- example where the server name is 'myMachine' --->
<cfcase value="my-dev-server-name">
		request.mode.bDeveloper = 1; // Developer Mode

<!--- make sure bDeveloper is off in production --->
		request.mode.bDeveloper = 0; // Production Mode

If I output:

<cfoutput>#application.sysInfo.machineName# - #request.mode.bDeveloper#</cfoutput>

I get:

my-dev-server-name - 0

indicating I am NOT in developer mode.

Is this file deprecated? Its doesn’t seem to be executed.

_serverSpecifcRequestScope.cfm is not deprecated and should be executing every page request.

machinename is a funny variable that can vary quite a bit. I often need to have a a few names just to match my development environment as it seems to change depending on which network i’m on. I’d be double checking that the machinename case value is really triggering as expected.

What version of FarCry are you using?

I’m not sure if the bDeveloper flag is still used… essentially it forced the app to do an “updateapp” on every request, which is pretty terrible for performance… If you need to do an updateapp after a code change, you can access it in either the menu (cog icon) on the tray in the front end, or the profile menu in the webtop.