Rule Array thinking its a content object

I’m just doing some updates on a current site locally and for some reason farcry thinks the handpickedrule array is a content object? It keeps wanting to add all these extra fields. I can add an additional array to the rule eg aTest and that renders correctly. The rule no longer saves because it throws a savable key not found which I assume it because it thinks the array is more like a type.
Lucee 5.2.9, FC 7.2.12, AWS Linux 2, JAVA 1.8.0_272

Anyone else come across this?

I haven’t seen this before. Do you think it appeared after a Core update? Does this happen in all environments for this application (e.g. in local dev, staging, production?) or has it only appeared in one environment?

What it looks like is that it thinks the array is an “extended array” where the array table does allow you to define additional columns so that the intermediate relationship has additional data values per relation. However there’s no such “ruleHandpicked_aObjects.cfc” in the CMS plugin, so it appears to be some other kind of bug (unless you somehow have a file with that name in your code base?)

Thank you Justin! A fresh set of eyes.

I have a ruleHandpicked_aObjects.cfc in farcrycms folder dated 16/6/2008!

It’s not in the live site so I must have copied the plugin from another project… now to find that!

Looks like it must have been some older way of doing array webskin as it has:

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Ok cool :slight_smile: It’s possible that an older version of the CMS plugin contained that file, and perhaps it doesn’t exist in the latest version. Check to see if you have any other customisations but I’m thinking it should be fine to remove.

The extends="farcry.core.packages.types.arrayTable" is how you tell the content type to be treated as an “extended array table”, e.g. an array type that you can add additional columns to. It’s still a current feature of Core, and perhaps we don’t use it too often, but in this case I’m assuming it was just not needed any more in the CMS plugin for some reason.

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