REST API plugin and Coldfusion

Hi All,
I’ve run the plugin successfully on Lucee, but I’ve just tried installing it on CF11 and it appears not to like the argument parameters. It would appear that the in=“path” is the main culprit. Perhaps ‘in’ is reserved in CF? What about changing it globally to something like swagger_in … thoughts anyone?

Hey Phil,

We have it running in production on ACF and I think we had the same issue… It looks like we currently have a “coldfusion” branch that has not been merged into master yet. Could you give that a try?


Sweet that seems to have worked :slight_smile:
Also,… Is there any easy way of limiting the fields returned on a list? I’ve extended v1.cfc but the lost seems to just pass an array of objects. There looks like you might be able to add a getAPIResponse method to a type but there isn’t an example of it and I’m not sure if that’s the way to go. I wanting to return a 3 month list of content but limit it to a select few fields.


The expected getAPIResponse return value should be straight forward - refer
to the rest of the getResponseObject function. There are cases for
preparing various property types for a JSON response struct. Just do the
same for the properties you want to return.