Required parameter... ignored or something I'm missing?

I’ve got some fields set to required but it’s letting the admin submit the changes/new object if those fields are left blank. Farcry 7.1.1 if that helps. Does anyone still use required?

what type of fields?

i know i have tried it on array/uuid fields in the past and it doesn’t enforce it. i also remember that richtext fields didn’t enforce it, though I think i recall seeing that was fixed.

In this case it’s just straight up string fields. Things like a name, amount, etc. Guess I’ll have a poke about in the code but it used to work once upon a time.

did you set required="true" or ftValidation="required" or both?

required="true" sets the field as NOT NULL in the database
ftValidation="required" tells the UI to require a value in the form.


Ah, that’d be it then. Just required is set. Time to go change some attributes!