Related Content resources not available to use until after object saved and re-edited

In a content type you can add a related content (e.g. image/file etc) item using the library picker, however if you then go to the body text (for example), and try to add the resource using the related content button, the resources do not appear.

This has reappeared in FarCry 7



if you ‘complete’ then re-edit, can you add the image to the body?

I can confirm this is happening for dmHTML (aka Web Page) for the Related Content property and for Attached Images/Files with the FarCry Content Templates tinyMCE extension.

However, if I select or create Attached Images/Files these appear immediately in the tinyMCE Image Icon UI straight away.

Yes. Video shows saving and re-editing allows you to insert it

I’m surprised no one else has complained about this bug (even 2.5 years later). Is everyone still using FC6?

Is there any way this can get escalated?

This was likely introduced in a tinyMCE upgrade. It only impacts embedding file links into a “rich text” area which many people do not do; relying instead on the view to render associated files. Also there is a readily available workaround; reload the edit handler (save/re-edit, move between wizard steps, etc).

Of course!

  • fix it and submit a pull request
  • pay for it to be fixed (Daemon can certainly assist here)
  • hope that the bug impacts another user enough that they do one of the above

Daemon have earmarked the upgrade of tinyMCE as something we’d like to to in the short to medium term. We’ll be sure to double check this issue when we get to the editor upgrade.

Okay thanks. I’ll pass this along to my client.