Recent updates to p720 break Friendly URLs

One bug Sean submitted a pull request fix for

The other bug we quickly noticed happens when you use a url like index.cfm?objectid=<UUID>&bodyview=<VIEW>. When clicked, the FU generates a loop of variables in the FU over and over.

It makes the friendly url, and then appends /bodyview//bodyview//bodyview//bodyview//bodyview/ …etc… (lost count after about 50 of them).

Assuming there are yet more bugs like this we decided to rollback for now, but thought you’d want to know about them.


Are you using the parameterised URL in the friendly URL ui? Or am I
misreading you? What are the exact steps you use to generate that borked
URL format?

We’ve been using 7.2.x without issue for a long time, but admittedly we
don’t frequent the friendly URL tab too often.

I think we just manually added the url vars. When the user clicks on the link, bad things happen.

We rolled back to a few days ago and teh bugs go away.

It is one of these two most recent commits. Probably the “redirect to clean Friendly URLs” one since it is happening when redirecting from an objectid url to a friendly URL.

There is also a bug in the other commit. I made a comment on github here

Ok, I’ll look into those today.


Can you guys retest? I’ve committed fixes that work for the examples you
posted, but maybe you have others.

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Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the fixes @blair. They look good. The only thing I noticed is that the redirects don’t respect any fuAlias you have set for a body view webskin.


I have a link like this:


which redirects to:


but I have this in the displayBodyClinicalServices webskin:

<!--- @@fuAlias: clinical-services --->

So, it should redirect to this (which is what application.fapi.getLink() returns):


Any fix for that?

Any thoughts? i need 20 characters…

Did redirects ever correct bodyView parameters? All the redirect is doing
is converting them to the /name/value format.


Yes. In testing during development, before we upgraded FarCry links were redirecting to the proper fuAlias for a given bodyView so this is a regression.