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Is there a reason for choosing the Google Site Search plugin over Solr Pro?

We wanted to off-load the search responsibilities to an external service so
that additional resources weren’t taken up on the app servers. This
particular environment hosts a large number of sites on just a couple of
VMs so resources are very precious :slight_smile:

Ragtrader sits on the Yaffa Publishing digital services platform (running FarCry/Railo) along with 25 other magazine sites. As @justincarter points out, having search separate to the infrastructure helps remove load on the app cluster.

Also Google Site Search (GSS) has a lot of sophisticated options that allow you to filter by content type, order by date published, inject additional page metadata and more. You can run a single GSS service (with a single bill) that indexes a range of different sites (for example, all the Yaffa sites); the plugin config allows you to filter for a specific site.

There’s also a bunch of other features we don’t currently leverage in the plugin like boosting. These should be included when we look to revamp the plugin.

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