Question regarding permissions and access rights

I would like to setup a required login page for everybody for a site I’m currently working on. The reason for this is that I would likte to allow access for beta test users only for a certain amount of time before opening to the public.

What I did so far was:

  1. I created a new group called Visitors and set it up to allow View access to the home node and all subsequent navigation nodes as well ad the utility section (search, disclaimer, etc.). However, I excluded the webtop.

  2. I created a user with the name testuser and assigned it the group Visitors.

  3. I setup a public login page (copied over form the webtop login and modified the CSS, redirecting URl, etc.) and put that in place. (Thanks, modius, for the excellent how-to in the forum for that one.)

  4. I denied site access to the Anonymous user (will reinstate that one later), forcing everybody to log-in.

  5. I also set the View access for the Visitors group to “Deny (inherit)” on the home navigation node.

What happens now is that the login form is displayed correctly. The page reloads after entering the credentials but still shows the publicLogin URl in the address filed when reloading (index.cfm?type=login…).

Unfortunately, I could not find any pointers anywhere on the farcrycore web site. So, there are the following questions:

  • What steps/settings am I missing?

  • How will the restriction to certain users/user groups be accomplished?

  • Do I need to restrict the access to the single dmNews articles, too? If so, how will is be accomplished? Via the webskin tab? What will one have to input there, assuming that dmNews items will have their own “pages” processing the displayPageStandard webskin templates?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.