Project Material: FarCry Skeleton

FarCry is an ideal platform for web apps. All too often we’re pigeon holed as just another vanilla CMS solution. The vast majority of Daemon FarCry work is building bespoke SaaS solutions and complex publishing platforms for the web and mobile web.

Material is an HTML5 UI framework guided by the knowledge Daemonites acquired building FarCry apps over the last couple of years. It follows Google’s Material Design principles and it looks pretty awesome.

Apart from the stripped back Project Barebones, we don’t have a community example or skeleton project that’s a suitable building block for a serious, non-CMS based web app. Hopefully we can change that in time with Project Material.

Project Material will include:

  • support for Material design; best practice view breakups
  • fully customised login; will require authentication for access
  • examples of front-end administrative interfaces and interactions; only admins will ever need the webtop
  • sample content types; company, contact, project
  • Sample data for instant installation

Project Material is not ready yet! It’s just a placeholder for something we want to develop as a teaching tool, and useful starting point for app projects.

If you’d like to be part of this initiative, let us know what you think.

If you want to watch the github repo for updates in the coming weeks, the project is here:

Given the project will have a number of dependencies you might want to also keep track of the vagrant workbench I’m running here:

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