Project copy of the cdn folder

Hello -

I created a project copy of the /packages/cdn folder. However, it seems like my project is using the core cdn directory. I need to make one small change to packages/cdn/ftp.cfc - changing the transfermode attribute in a cfftp call for images and binary from “binary” to “auto” . For some reason, my CDN likes this better.

Is there anything else I need to copy from core to the project folder so that my project will listen to the project copy of the cdn directory?


  • JR

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier.

Like most components in core, the cdns are designed to be overridable.
Create packages/cdn/ftp.cfc in your project and extend
farcry.core.packages.cdn.ftp. Then you just need to add your modified
function. When you restart your application it should pick that up.