Profile Locales

When setting up a new user, I noticed that the Locale was weird. Having dug further, the issue seems to be due to i18nUtil.getLocaleNames returning a list rather than an array because one of the locales is now pt_MO: português (Macau, RAE da China). As the locale dropdown is put together by matching list indexes, this pushes any below pt_MO one out of the correct locale.

I’m happy to put together a pull request to address this, although I’m unsure of the best approach. The one I’m favouring would be to add a new method to i18nUtil that would return a query of name value. This would not break any websites that currently use the lists and it could also be used for formtool dropdowns directly.

I’m also unsure which branch to create the pull request against. Is p740 still being maintained or is all work generally done for p800 now?

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I like the solution. In terms of which branch, either is fine. Assuming the solution is the same for both branches, we would end up cherry picking the fix to the other one anyway.


Apologies for the delay, PR created: