Problems with devicetype

We’re using FarCry 6.2.8 for the projects running on our host.
After install we’ve got a problem indicated on screenshot. It use to do with different websites using same core.

Can it be that we’re missing some installation files?

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I think this issue is fixed in FarCry Core 6.2.11, there was an issue with variables that needed to be var-scoped which was fixed in that release.

Can you back up your core and try upgrading to this version? You can either check out the milestone-6-2-11 tag in from the FarCry Core repo on GitHub yourself, or download the zip from:


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Thanks a lot! It was a configuration setting for CF server causes the issue. My host decided to go further and installs the 7.2.2, which I am enjoying a lot.

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There was a bug with date field validation in 7.2.2 that was just fixed in the 7.2.3 version which we released a couple of days ago, you might want to upgrade to that one if you haven’t already :smile:

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