Plugin Issue after 7.1.1 Upgrade

After going from v5.2.7 to v7.1.1 I initially noticed the image upload resize wasn’t working.
It fails on the two resized sections.
If I go to an existing image I can open it edit it and save it fine.
Old sites, plugins need updating?
PS; the GoogleMaps plugin is the only one that shows up int he Plugins Tab under Admin.

On upload it fails the resizing and says it cannot find this…

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface farcry.core.packages.farcry.imageUtilities


farcrycfimage Unknown Status    last modified: 07:11pm, 10 Jun 2008
farcrycfximage Unknown Status  last modified: 03:44pm, 18 Nov 2007
FarCry CMS Unknown Status  last modified: 04:01pm, 27 Jul 2015
farcrygreybox Unknown Status last modified: 03:45pm, 18 Nov 2007
googleMaps Unknown Status  last modified: 03:54pm, 18 Nov 2007

You should definitely remove the farrcrycfimage and farcrycfximage plugins.
The first two are probably the reason images aren’t working for you.


Thanks Justin, Blair
When I do that I receive the following

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface E:\farcry\plugins\farcrycfximage\packages\formtools\image.cfc.


Exception Type:

Ensure that the name is correct and that the component or interface exists.

Tag Context:
•E:\farcry\core\packages\lib\fapi.cfc (line: 486)
•E:\farcry\core\tags\formtools\object.cfm (line: 393)
•E:\farcry\core\tags\formtools\object.cfm (line: 318)
•E:\farcry\core\tags\formtools\object.cfm (line: 42)
•E:\farcry\core\tags\formtools\object.cfm (line: 1)
•E:\farcry\core\packages\types\types.cfc (line: 996)
•E:\farcry\core\webtop\conjuror\invocation.cfm (line: 182)

It looks like you haven’t restarted the app with updateapp.


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That did it, but if I am in Admin>Developer Utilities>Reload Application
Wouldn’t that have done it.
I ran that a few times.
But the ?updateapp=xxx did the trick

Just for the record…

Deprecated. Both of these plugins have been replaced by the functionality that comes as part of the core image formtool.

FarCry CMS is still supported:

Long gone. No longer supported. This was a simple modal display option that has been superceded by countless better options.

A bit old and crusty. Should still work, though it hasn’t seen an update since 2011. If anyone is looking for a project to love…

Thank you, will clean these.

And this may be a similar issue?
Is this tag library llost missing or deprecated?
Cannot import the tag library specified by /farcry/core/tags/display/.