Navigation branch creation via Site Navigation

Hello again!

I would like to inform you that i changed my previous post (Custom Content Pagination) in order to provide you with a more detailed error description. Additionally i would like to ask if it’s possible and how to create a navigation branch via Site Navigation as Add Page option is only available.

That would help me a lot!


The label is confusing - I believe Add Page does create a new branch by starting a wizard where you name the navigation first, then configure the page under it.

Thanks for your tip!

I would like to ask you how do you include a custom content type along with its webskins. I have created some custom content types along with their webskins and unfortunately i can not select them via the following Webtop Site.


To enable a content type for use in the tree you need to use the bUseInTree flag.

The Include content type lists all content types that have any webskins starting with displayTypeBody.


I use bUseInTree flag to my custom content type as exactly mentioned in your wiki section. Afterwards i followed the following steps:
Admin -> Developer Utilities-> Application -> Reload application

  1. Reinitialize
  2. COAPI metadata

but still the main problem. Additionally ?updateall and ?updateapp and still no luck! Any idea what is going wrong?


Fortunately bObjectBroker component metadata works without a problem. Unfortunately i do not know why the other two component metadata still do not work.


bUseInTree lets it show up as a potential child for a navigation node not a content type for an include. If you want your item to be used in an include you would need to add a displayType* webskin in the content type’s webskin folder. It would then show up (after you do an updateapp) as a content type to select from that dropdown and then you could choose your webskin as the view.

Thanks a lot for your reply and assistance!