Multiple extending cfc issue

Hi All
I’ve just spent the better part for a day trying to resolve an issue where my dmEvent type was was returning incorrect meta data. eg the label or even the value. ie the catEvent was returning a date.
This was only an issue in the webtop where farcry relies on that information for editing and admin purposes.

Environment CF11 Ent, FC7.2.8, Linux, Mysql

The only way to resolve it was to restart CF. Then if I did an application restart it would play up again.
I’m quietly optimistic that I’ve resolved the issue.
I was extending the dmEvent in multiple levels;
In the plugins with farcrCMS & wbEvents and then finally again in the project folder.
My question is to anyone out there; how many times to you think you can get away with extending a component? And I wonder if this is a FC issue (heaven forbid) or a CF issue.
I’ve knocked out my project cfc and all appears to be working as it should be (fingers crossed).

Here is FC trying to build the category tree and getting passed a date!

 select parentid from nested_tree_objects
 where objectid = '{ts '2016-10-20 16:44:11'}'
Tag Context:/srv/www/htdocs/farcry/core/packages/farcry/tree.cfc (line: 282)
/srv/www/htdocs/farcry/core/packages/formtools/category.cfc (line: 228)
/srv/www/htdocs/farcry/core/packages/formtools/category.cfc (line: 85)
/srv/www/htdocs/farcry/core/tags/formtools/object.cfm (line: 511)


Hi Phil

We’ve had this issue before too, though not since we switched to using
Lucee as our primary backend. I don’t think we ever got a response to our
support requests around the issue.


I’ve just come across this issue again. This time in Lucee 5.2. (FC 7.2.10). I’d extended the dmEvent twice more from farcrycms and it was trying to cast UUID’s as dates and writing data in the wrong fields. Had a bit of head scratching and remembered I’d had this issue before. :slight_smile:
I fixed it by bypassing the first extend.