Mollio FarCry v4

Looking for a Mollio default Version 4.
Anyone have an idea where I could download one?

Mollio and FarCry 4.x are very old, I’d recommend using the latest FarCry 7.1 if possible.

The HTML and CSS for Mollio are still available on GitHub if you really need it:

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes that is the problem. We have a v4 and I need to upgade to 7.
But I want to load a new v4 to test with and they client doesn’t have the old v4 files.

The most efficient route for v4-v7 upgrade is generally:

  • install fresh FarCry 7.1 build
  • port any custom content types and rules, and update COAPI
  • write SQL migration scripts to go from v4 COAPI direct to v7 COAPI
  • port views (webskins)
  • reconcile any functional customisations on a case by case basis

Let us know if we can help :slight_smile:

Do you mean you have the v4 database but none of the project code? What about uploaded image and file assets, if there were any?

If you have the project folder but you are just missing “core”, then you can get that from GitHub:

Thank you.
Mostly I want to do diff on the 4/7 so I can see what the previous developers have done before I migrate.

Hi Justin,
So I am testing the new 7.1.0 fandango.
Both this and Chelsea install fine.
I can then move all around the install site.
But if I click the Admin button the page iw lost as it is trying to look for webtop at the root.
If I go to core at root I see admin, login, no problem.

But then from that point on when I try and refresh the site it shows the content page briefly then it disappears and I am left with ColdFusion text results.

Is this a familiar issue
I have reinstalled 20 times and on 3 separate machines and servers.
All with the same results.



At first it looked like IE and Chrome worked. But once I enter the admin in those browsers they break the page as well.
Perhaps I need to update my CF server. Will look at that.
It seems to be an issue with error handling in ForeFox.
There is a
Message: Element FC.FACTORY.FARFU is undefined in a Java object of type class [Ljava.lang.String; referenced as ‘’
No worries. Ill look at this later as I am focused on IE any way.

Actually I just noticed it is looking for this
but there is no projects folder there.

This was was fixed after the 7.1.0 tag, the same issue that Phil had here: [closed] The key [fuLookup] does not exist

I’ve tagged 7.1.1 today, so if you drop in that new version of core it should fix that issue. You can download it from GitHub or from

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Follow-up question for mollio V4 to Shiny v7 upgrade.
Previously you said the v4 would migrate straight to v7.

Having tested v6 to v7 and v7.1.0 to v7.1.1 with no issues…

Is it true that ?updateall=app-key should upgrade v4 to v7.

Interestingly I did not find an App-Key reference in any of the v4 codebase.

Thanks for the input.

?updateall=app-key is a new feature introduced in v7.x that behaves the same as the traditional ?updateapp=app-key with the addition of automatically deploying any outstanding COAPI changes; for example, the creation of content type tables or the addition of columns for new properties.

Note, only additive COAPI changes are deployed automatically. FarCry requires you to manually approve COAPI changes that result in data loss; for example, dropping columns.