Microsoft Azure Ecosystem; a First Class Citizen

Daemon has been working on a variety of deployments into the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Docker containers are the principal infrastructure strategy for our team and these recent deployments were no exception.

We use a similar set up in Amazon Web Services and so it should be little surprise we’ve ported much of the solution approach from that environment to Azure.

Centralised File Storage

All containerised environments are ephemeral, so you can’t rely on the local file system for anything. We store files into the Azure BLOB storage service.

Clustered Object Broker

For the cluster of containers we need a central place to store the object broker. In the past we’ve relied on memcached and more specifically the awesome AWS service Elasticache.

Azure prefers Redis (Azure Redis Cache) so we had to port object stores to this environment.

Dedicated Search Service

Search is a critical part of the project. The Azure equivalent of AWS CloudSearch is Azure Search Service. Azure’s product is quite different and so we had to put together some specific technology to hook up the existing FarCry project.

If you’re considering an Azure deployment, FarCry is a pretty good choice of platform and is now well supported in that ecosystem :slight_smile:

Adding to the Azure ecosystem… you can now leverage Azure or Office 365 oAuth authentication :slight_smile: