Menu not showing in browser on windows phone

Hi everybody, we have an older FarCry installation based on 6.0.6. The customer mentioned, that a website menu is not viewable in a windows phone (IE on a lumia cell phone). I think, it is a browser issue. (JS ?). Do I need to upgrade to 7.x or can I stay at 6.x and just upgrading/updating to a later version in the same 6.x-branch ?

If its a problem in the front-end website then its very likely you will need to adjust the views (aka webskins) and related HTML/CSS/JS for your project to correct the specific browser issue. Upgrading the underlying FarCry framework typically doesn’t affect the way the website itself is rendered.

Certainly not a bad idea to upgrade them to 7.0.x in any event :smile:

Do you have a URL and/or screenshot you can share? It's most likely a CSS related fix if it's a problem with the front end :)

Hi Justin ! Thanks ! I do:
The menu (e.g.: Offices) is not a pull down menu and not clickable in IE on a Nokia cell phone.

It looks like JavaScript was used to show the menu when the mouse hovered over the link, rather than CSS :hover (which IE would probably work with)… Not sure the easiest/best fix for the old “suckerfish.js” menus, but you might be able to add more JS to fix it…

On line 14 of common.js you could try adding this:

			this.className+=" sfhover";;
			return false;

Other than that, you’d have to do a little bit of front-end CSS/JS work to use a more accessible navigation menu that works better with touch screen devices. So it’s not really a “FarCry problem” as such, just the reality of working with some old front-end CSS/JS that needs to be modernised :smile: