Manage Configuration; There is no form for this data

Under>Admin>General Admin>Manage Configuration.
Many of the items linked on the left like image… result int he following error message.
Where do we create this Form?
Thank you

There is no form for this data. To allow it to be edited, create a form component prefixed with “config” and give it a key attribute matching the key for this config (e.g. key=“general”). Add cfproperty tags to this component for the config variables that define formtool metadata and defaults.

In the case of the “image” configuration it’s no longer needed/used and the config was removed from Core. That might also be the case with some of the others but I’d need to see the list of them.

The configs all correspond to “form” component where the filenames are prefixed with “config”. They can be found in /packages/forms in Core or plugins or your project.


Assuming you’re not missing any of your code base (ill-configured plugin etc) these configs are no longer used. We don’t delete the data by default, just in case you still need the settings. You can safely delete all of these “missing configs”.

Core should be good, it works in the clean install test environment.
Thank you